• Art De SweetsThe3DFoodCompany合力打造了第一系列3D打印甜品。

    Art De Sweets and The3DFoodCompany are collaborating to launch the first collection of curated 3D printed desserts.


    This exclusive gem collection merges precision 3D printing technology with delicious, high quality ingredients to form a line of edible jewels never seen before. Enjoy a hazelnut chocolate diamond, or passion fruit / black tea emerald with these one-of-a-kind luxury treats.

    Art de Sweets艺术甜品店,是Galleria美食艺术馆旗下的最新的甜品品牌,秉承了Galleria美食艺术馆一贯的信念:美食即艺术。每一天,我们都在重新诠释艺术和美食。新店采用了多维艺术设计,不变的艺术冲突。与其说这是一家甜品店,不如说这是一家设计师的时尚概念店。


    Art de Sweets, is the latest concept from the Galleria Team. The concept carries on the beliefs and values of Galleria, which are that we firmly believe that food is a form of art and we try to push the boundaries of that idea every day. We think that any imaginative recipe can be crafted into a delicious work of art. Art de Sweets can be defined as a design shop.







    We at THE 3D FOOD COMPANY want to change the way you think about food.


    Our team of designers, engineers, and artists are on hand to create unforgettable experiences around something everyone loves - food!


    We utilise a range of cutting edge technologies including; 3D printing, computer modeling and laser tech, to create foods never before seen.


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