• Thank You for Joining Us at the She Loves Tech Welcome Reception presented by Tiffany & Co.


    Hope you had a memorable evening and enjoyed these custom macarons by The3DFoodCompany, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow at She Loves Tech 2017 International Conference and Global Startup Competition.


    She Loves Tech is a global initiative showcasing the convergence of the latest trends in technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and its impact on and opportunities for women. This year, the She Loves Tech initiative kicked off with a global startup competition in eight locations across the world. It has since become the world’s largest startup competition focused on women and technology.


    For more information, please visit www.shelovestech.org or follow us on our social media (WeChat: SheLovesTech, Weibo: 她爱科技SheLovesTech, Facebook: SheLovesTechOrg, Twitter: SheLovesTechOrg)





    “她爱科技”是由Lean in China(励媖中国)和Tech Rock(科技摇)联合发起的一个全球行动。本届“她爱科技”全球创业大赛在“一带一路”的8个国家和地区举行,是现今世界上规模最大的女性科技创业大赛。


















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    We specialize in creating whole new opportunities for your brand by blurring the lines between food and technology. Our team uses a myriad of techniques and technologies to transform your companies logo or icon into edible creations. Our main goal is to connect you with your audience in way never imagined.


    Using magical 3D food-based printing, complex molds for cakes and pastries, or precision laser engraving we are constantly innovating for our clients and friends.


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